The Mountain Island Lake Marine Commission has six ad hoc committees that include members of the public to supplement the work of the Commission. Contact the committee chairman, listed below, if you would like to serve. 

Buoy Committee – Reviews requests for no-wake zones and installs, inspects and maintains safety buoys that mark no-wake zones and navigational hazards. Chairman: Skip Hudspeth

Communications Committee – Works to inform the public about the Commission’s activities and special events on the lake; develops press releases; informs the public on educational opportunities and environmental issues; and oversees the subcommittee that maintains the Commission’s website and Facebook page. Chairman: Cathy Roche

Shoreline Protection Committee – Works to protect the shoreline environment. Promotes efforts to reduce litter, control erosion and protect wildlife.  Chairman: Meg Morgan

Technical Advisory Committee – Consists of members with professional expertise in areas such as hydrology, chemistry, wildlife biology and erosion control who advise the Commission in formulating policies to protect the lake. Chairman: Brian Weyeneth

Watershed/Water Quality Committee – Monitors development and other activities in the entire Mountain Island Lake watershed to assure water quality is protected. Advises the Commission on ways to protect the 1,000 foot shoreline that falls under its regulatory authority. Tracks independence reports on pollution levels in Mountain Island Lake and makes recommendations to the Commission on needed actions. Chairman: Jerry Campbell

Public Safety Committee – Partners with other agencies to increase public awareness of boating safety and to provide boating safety courses. Assists to develop educational literature and seeks opportunities to work with the public on responsible and safe use of the lake. Chairman: Murray Nixon

Mountain Island Lake Marine Commission Advisory Board – This standing committee is comprised of former members of the Marine Commission who have served at least three years on the Commission and who accept appointment to the Board. It serves as a resource to the commission, particularly by providing context and historical background to aid decision making. Chairman: Kari Lanning